Schedule Instagram Posts to to be Published Automatically During the Day with TakeOff

If you want to be popular on Instagram, you need to publish several photos every day, separated between hours. You could spend the day uploading images from your phone or let other app to do the work.

Have you heard about TakeOff, the perfect app for Instagram lovers, because le´s you create a schedule for publications during the day. The app, available for free for Android and iOS, will make easier to win more followers.


TakeOff is more than an Instagram scheduler, because also gives you the opportunity to take the photo, edit, add filters, text and tags. Once you are ready, TakeOff will take care of your Instagram posts for the day.

This free app lets you post 10 images per day, but you can´t choose the orders or the time when they will be posted. TakeOff decides when is better to publish the photo. You can edit the waiting list and delete photos if you regret them before they are published.


If you have several Instagram Accounts, TakeOff can take care of them without having to use different apps, which is great if you use different accounts for personal use and work or school.

Easy to configure, you will need to give TakeOff the permission to access to your Instagram account. If you are an avid Instagram user, this app is for you.

TakeOff is 100% free, has versions for Android and iOS and is easy to use, giving your Instagram account more life and, of course, more followers and Likes.

Download TakeOff from App Store  | Download TakeOff from Google Play

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