3 Free music streaming apps for iPhone

If you like music, you probably have a lot of lists and songs in your iPhone and, they can get really heavy and use a big part of your storage space which is, sadly, limited.

There are ways to listen to your favorite songs without wasting space. You can use several music streaming apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We are showing the best ones.



Spotify is the number one service for the people who want to listen their favorite music wherever they are.

Spotify app for iPhone is free and has a lot of really cool tools. With a free account, you will hear some advertising, nothing too annoying, but you can pay for a premium account.

The music quality is really good and has the biggest selection to choose between artists and even playlist.

Download Spotify from App Store


Similar to Spotify, Rdio has a big music collection and the app is beautiful. You can choose the songs you want to hear, create a playlist or listen theme radios.


Rdio lets you hear unlimited music for free, but with adds. If you want more, you can pay for premium service, that also lets save tracks for online playing.

The music quality is poorer than the one Spotify gives you, but is still good

Download Rdio from App Store


Is not an app, Grooveshark is an online service that lets you hear music in streaming without having to pay and no ads. You just need to use from Safari or another browser.


The mobile edition is very well designed and you can login with the account you use for the computer version, so you can listen your playlists. The audio quality is different with every song, but you have a big catalogue to choose.

Grooveshark Mobile

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