Save HD images from a Video with Taplet for iOS

iPhones have a great camera that allows you to record high quality videos and, in the latest iOS versions, you can take photos when you are recording, but not extract them from a video saved in your phone.

We want you to introduce you Taplet, an app that allows you extract images from any videos that you can save as individual photos, selecting frame by frame, so you will find the perfect one for what you need.

Taplet is free and works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can use it for recording video without needing to change to the camera app or, with a video saved in your camera roll, so it has plenty of uses.

You can extract an unlimited number of photos from the video frames and is easy to find the part that you are interested, because Taplet gives you a good view of the video roll. If you want to save a photo, just tap.

Taplet allows you to edit the images that you extract from your videos and then save them to the camera roll. Is not mandatory to edit, just an extra tool. The app is free, but it will add a watermark to the photos. If you donĀ“t want the marks, you can update to the paid version for just $1,99 USD.

Even if is paid, Taplet is a good way to save images and offer something different than any other types. Just try it and, if you like it, update.

You can download Taplet from the App Store and, to update to the full version, you can use the in-app purchases. A nice option to take advantage of the photo and video qualities of your iPhone-

Download Taplet from App Store

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