Get Fit and Exercise with the Help of a Community of Strangers with PumpUp

It’s easy to say that you are going to start to exercise but, within a week you probably feel lazy and stop doing it. If you want to keep fit, have a good support system is important and there is an app for that.

Let us introduce you PumpUp, a fitness app different than any other, because it inspires you to keep exercising and eating right with the help of strangers creating a great community. Free, is available for Android and iOS.

PumpUp lets you set goals and share your progress with the rest of the community, being a mix between a fitness and social app and the results are amazing. When you feel down and really to quit, your online buddies will help to keep you going.

With PumpUp, you can create a fitness plan personalized to your needs, time and likes. The app offers you fun ways to exercise, so forget about boring gyms or routines. Once you have your plan, you can share it with the community.

Every time you make a progress, you can publish it with a text or photo. Not only is a great way to be proud of yourself, but also an inspiration for the rest of PumpUp users. Every user can keep a log, so you can check what the others are doing.

You can share selfies, activities, photos and even food images, so is really complete if you want inspiration and to inspire others in your fitness journey. Strangers helping stranger thanks to an amazing social app. 

What are you waiting for? Download and try PumpUp, you have nothing to lose and a lot to learn and accomplish with a great support system. The app is free, but has in-app purchases.

Download PumpUp from App Store

Download PumpUp from Google Play

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