Watch TV in Kindle with TVU Player

Kindles are great tablets and if you have one, you know that you can use it for almost anything; reading, games, tools and, of course, to watch TV with TVU Player, a free app that is available at the Amazon App Store.TVU1

TVU Player allows you to watch TV channels from all over the world. All the channels are organized by country or categories, so they are easy to find from your Kindle without having to search too much.

With TVU Player, you can access to more than 1000 channels, that´s way more than what other apps offer, especially because TVU Player is free and ready to use on a Kindle.

You can set favorite channels for easy access every time you use the app that works with WiFi or 3G-4G.

TVU Player offers a nice quality streaming and, depending of the speed you get, you can choose what kind of streaming you want, that´s great if you are using a data plan and need to take care of your gigas or megas.


Most of the channels are in English, but you can also find several TV Stations that offer video in different language, so you can use it to practice your idiomatic skills, especially with kids choosing channels with family contents.

TVU Player is free, but you can only watch 5 minutes of every channel. If you want more, you need to subscribe and pay, but, if you use it a lot, is worth it, especially if you like sports.

The app is also available for Android phones and other tablets.

Download TVU Player from Amazon App Store

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