Couple: a Messenger app for People in Love

Being in love is a wonderful thing and you can keep constant contact with your partner from your smartphone. You can use typical apps like WhatsApp or take advantage of Messenger for couples.

Couple is an instant Messenger app developed for couples, just like it name says. With Couple you will be able to send texts, photos, videos and audio. Nothing special? Well, Couple has some features that made it different.

Interact with your love with Couple
Interact with your love with Couple

With Couple, you can know if your loved one is online to chat in real time, share your location, draw on the screen using your finger and even send texts and photos that will deleted after the recipient see them.

No one has a perfect memory and Couple helps you letting you know special dates, like your anniversary, partner birthday, your in laws birthday and several other important moments so you won´t forget about it.

If you need to keep track of things that your loved one or you need to do, Couple allows you to share a list of tasks. That way, you may make the restaurant reservations and she or he pick up clothes from dry cleaning.

Using your location, Couple allows you to find great places for dates and also guide your partner to you step by step. Free, Couple has in-app purchases, but they are only extras that you don´t need to make full use of the app.

Couple is great to express yourself because it has a lot of emojis and stickers and share them with your loved one. This app is available for Android and iOS,  which is great if your partner has an iPhone and you use an Android.

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