Fix Imperfections and add Makeup to your Selfies with Perfect 365 for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

How many selfies you take every day or week? We´re always looking for the perfect one and if you want to look amazing in yours there is an app that fixes your photo to make you look like a movie star.

Perfect 365 is an app for smartphones dedicated 100% to fix imperfections in your face and add makeup and retouches. Sounds difficult, but the app is pretty easy to use. It offers several tools, from fixing your wrinkles to add a new hairdo.


This free app, that´s available not only for iPhone, but also for Android and Windows Phone, lets you work with your finger and do magic on you selfie. You can see the changes in real time and select the one you like the most.

First, you need to select the photo that you want to use. You can also take a selfie with Perfect 365. Once the photo is loaded, the app will scan the face and ask you to choose a style; natural, refined, pop, sweet pure, silk, etc.

Once you choose your style, the app will work over your face and fix some problems. It works well, because it erase the imperfections and add makeup. Now, you can edit the features you want to change.

For example, you can refine your nose, change your eye color, add more light to your face, apply foundation and lipstick, whiten your teeth and several other options. Is really easy and you can alternate to see the changes with after and before.

To finish, you can play with wigs and change your hair color, cut or style, is really fun to play with your face and hair and the results are great. Perfect 365 will become one of your favorite apps. It has some in app purchases, but they are not necessary.

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