Take Amazing High Quality Selfies with Smart Selfie for Android

We love selfies, but this kind of images are not the most flattering, especially group ones, because is difficult to fit a lot of people holding your phone with your hand.

If you have an Android phone, taking selfies will be easier thanks to Smart Selfie, a free app that promises the best selfies without having to use a stick, just following their instructions.


Smart selfie lets you take photos of great quality, that´s because you use the rear camera on your phone, not the frontal. How you get images without seeing?

Before you take a Selfie, you need to find a place to put your phone and that allows for all the people to be seen without having to squeeze. Smart Selfie asks you to configure the kind of photo that we want.

The configuration process is easy: Vertical or horizontal mode, zoom, focus mode and smile recognition. The last one is important, because it will let the app know how many people need to fit in the selfie.


Are you ready to shoot? Take position and the app will give you audio instructions: Move to the left, right, step back, get closer to each other and then, when all is perfect, it will take the photo.

Smart Selfie also ha other modes, like Safe Mode, that will allow to take good photos without the need of configurations.

When you are done, you can save the images to your Android phone or tablet or, publish them directly to social networks, use e-mail, messaging apps and several other options.

Smart Selfie is 100% free and compatible with Devices with Android 4.0 or newer. If you love selfies and don´t want to leave anyone behind, you need this app on your tablet or phone.

Download Smart Selfie from Google Play

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