Solve Math problems with your iPhone with PhotoMath

I hate math, I hated it when I was in school and I still feel scared when I see an operation that I can´t resolve just counting with my fingers. If math is also your nightmare do you need extra help, your iPhone will save you.

PhotoMath is an amazing app that solves math problems using the camera of your device. Just open the app, use the camera and focus over the paper where the equation or other operation is written and it will give you the solution.


This great app, not only gives you the solution to the math problem, but also how to get to the final result, step by step, which is great for homework and helps you to learn for tests when the iPhone is not with you.

PhotoMat can be used by people of any age or math level; it has the basics for the younger ones and more complex things like algorithms, algebra, fractions, decimals, linear equations and several others.

Sadly, is too basic for college students and advanced classes for high schoolers. The developers are always adding new capabilities to PhotoMat, so you just need to wait. This app is only available for Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

One of the limits of this app, is that only works with problems written in a book, not a computer or handwritten, so you´ll need to write them in the computer, print and solve, easy and practical.

The users of PhotoMat are happy with the results, getting always the right answer and helping parents, teachers and students how to do math, so is not only to cheat during homework.

PhotoMath can be installed on Apple Devices devices with iOS 7 or newer and is really easy to use. They guide you the first time and then you won´t need more instruction.

Download PhotoMat from App Store

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