Create Temporal Tweets from your Android with Xpire

Twitter is a great place to express ourselves, but, sometimes, we only want to post tweets for a short amount of time. Instead of posting and deleting, there is an app that makes it easier.

Xpire is an app for Android that lets you create tweets that delete themselves after a period of time. You can set the timer, tweet and then see how your post will be gone at the exact moment of your choice.

Take control of your social media

Also available for iOS, Xpire lets you erase past content without having to delete tweet by tweet and offers similar services for Facebook, so is great if you are an avid social media user. Continue reading Create Temporal Tweets from your Android with Xpire

Hey Hey; New Twitter with Voice Messages

Twitter is very popular but, when it came out, no one thought that a service that allows you only 140 characters could be popular, they were wrong. Now, a new service similar to Twitter is getting popular.

Have you heard about Hey Hey, the new social app that lets you post audio message with a maximum of 10 seconds? Is like a Twitter with sound, you create an account and people will start to follow you.


Hey Hey is refreshing and very fun to use, because you donĀ“t only record your messages, you can make them really good using especial effects and adding sound emoticons, a feature that we will explain later. Continue reading Hey Hey; New Twitter with Voice Messages