Maps and Real Time Traffic Information with Waze

If you drive, you never know if your trip to the mall may take you 15 minutes or 30 because the traffic. There is an app that every driver needs to have named Waze.

Waze, defined for their developers as a social GPS, is an app than not, only shows you how to get to a different place and address, but also you the shortest way one using real time information. Waze is 100% free.

Waze: The Social GPS
Waze: The Social GPS

With a big community of users in hundreds of cities around the world, Waze gets information from their phones about how heavy is the traffic (the user doesn´t have to use their phones driving, just keep Waze open) and several others useful tips. Also, shows you where you can pump gas at the cheaper price.

Waze, gives you information about accidents in the road so you can avoid it, heavy rain, great if you’re driving a long distance between states and is there is a police check point or speed radars, showing always the exact locations.

This very useful app, that was bought by Google last year, gives you voice instructions and alerts and, only if someone is in the car with you, lets the other person add information, for the benefit of the community.

On Waze Maps, you can see how many people are using Waze near to you, the average speed of the zone and a lots of information that makes Waze the best app for drivers, because offers something unique.

Really easy to use, Waze is really popular among users and if you try it, you will notice why. This app is owned by Google, but you don´t need to have or use a Google account to use it.


To login, you can create an account or use your Facebook; Every user wins points for the contributions to the community. The points are like an honor, but you will feel great with lot´s of them.

Waze is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and is completely free.

Download Waze from the official site

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