Delete a Facebook Post After you Send it to Facebook Undo

Have you been in the situation when you write and post something to Facebook, to regret it immediately, but the damage was already done. You can edit it or delete it from Facebook, or use Facebook Undo.

This Chrome extension, gives you five seconds to erase the message has been posted before. Facebook Undo integrates into Facebook interface, so you donĀ“t need to open a different page, just click over Undo.

Five seconds to avoid a social media disaster
Five seconds to avoid a social media disaster

The extension is always working and, if you post, shows you a countdown before the publishing will leave for Facebook server, enough time to decide to think more about what you are doing and then fix it, avoiding the anger of someone mentioned in the post or, an embarrassing situation with a photo that should not be public, ever.

Free, you just need to go to the Chrome Web Store and install it in your browser, it only works with Google Chrome. Once is installed, just refresh your Facebook Windows or open a new tab and go to a Facebook Page.

Facebook Undo will be ready to use and give you the five seconds, you need to think about what are you doing, avoiding the danger to offend someone or post on your ex wall, saying that you list love him/her.

This great and useful tool works on every computer with Google Chrome as a browser, does not matter if it uses Windows, Mac or Linux, so why not try it?

Install Facebook Undo from Chrome Web Store

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