Free up internal storage space of Samsung Galaxy with Clean Master

Smartphones come with a limited storage space and, the Operative System takes several gigas, so users are left with little space. Even if you use SD Memory Cards, you`ll need more space. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, there is a tool for that.

Clean Master is a free app for Android that checks our phone for garbage, freeing up internal storage space so you can use it with important stuffs. This tool has a lot cool features that you should definitely try.


To clean space, Clean Master looks for temporal files, the one that were left on your phone during an app installation and don´t have any use. Also, looks for duplicated files , you may gain several gigas with just one scan.

Clean Master has an especial system that allows to see if a file is garbage or not or, if a file is duplicated, that way you won´t erase important data.

If your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet is slow, maybe one process is using all the RAM. Clean Master has a task killer, that lets you close that process and gain speed for better use of your Android phone.


Some other interesting tools, are the option to clean up browsers history, calls logs and even delete apps, making the process easier for novice users.

Clean Master, know when the process is overheating your phone and close them if you are not using it, that way it protects your smartphone. It also has and spyware and malware detector, so is very complete app.

Clean Master works and works fast, being simple enough so any Android user can take advantage of their tools. The app is free, no in-apps purchases and is translated to several languages, so is not excuse for not trying it.

Download Clean Master from Google Play

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