Epic Privacy Browser: A Private Browser for Mac

This days, privacy sounds like a right from the past but, if there is some apps that can give you back some of that privacy that you want when you browse the web. If you have a Mac computer, you should try Epic Browser.

Mac OS X comes with Safari, but you can also instal Epic Privacy Browser for Free and if security is important for you, give it a try, because this browser avoids that a website can follow you and access to your information.

Epic Browser for Mac OSX
Epic Browser for Mac OSX

The Epic Privacy Browser has a lot to offer: From a nice interface to a great speed, that´s because is based on Chromium, so it has the improvements that Google has developed without selling your privacy to a big company.

Security is very important to Epic Privacy Browser, so they use encryption for your data, that way hackers or even the government can´t get it. The developers says that it can protect your info from several companies, PRISMA and NSA.

How Epic Privacy Browser protects your activity online? This browser use a proxy to rout your and search, not even your ISP will know what are you doing.

Your Privacy is safe
Your Privacy is safe

With Epic Privacy Browser, you don´t need to activate private mode, because is activated for default and not only hide your activity form other people who use your computer, but from every tracking system. Also, nothing will be saved to your Mac, no cookies, temporary files  or history.

Another great feature, is the add blocker that comes incorporated in Epic Privacy Browser. With all these features you can think that is a slow browser, but performs great, so is a good alternative to have installed on your Mac.

The Epic Privacy Browser is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer, so it works great with older Mac computers.

Download Epic Privacy Browser  for Mac OS X

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