Check the Health of your iPhone Battery with BatteryScore

When you have a new smartphone, the battery life is not the best, but it can last the day, but, with time, you will be carrying your charger with you.

How bad is my iPhone battery? There is an app that tests the health of your iPhone Battery. Called BatteryScore, is the only app that checks the real autonomy of your battery and is free.


Your iPhone battery is lasting less than its usual. The best is to test it and see if you need to replace it, or a new phone. With the app Battery Score, your phone will be tested with several kinds of processes and, at the end, you will see a score. If the score is high, your battery is OK, if the score is low, you are having problems. Continue reading Check the Health of your iPhone Battery with BatteryScore

Snapchat with Facebook with Slingshot

Snapchat changed the way we interacted with our friends, giving it an extra to instant messages that make them funny. They are some alternatives to Snapchat and one of them is Slingshot.

Slingshot is a tool developed by Facebook to work on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, and give us the chance to get the message interactions to an all new level. Not only what we send will be destroyed after a few second, but you also need to send an answer to open what you just receive it.

Interactive fun with Slingshot
Interactive fun with Slingshot

You can Slingshot with one or more people at the same time and see their responses as squares in our display, great for late night chats with friends or having a good time during the day. Thanks to Facebook, we can use some great tools like Instagram filters. Continue reading Snapchat with Facebook with Slingshot